French 3

Course Description

This course emphasizes the student’s four basic skills through the study of themes that reflect their interests. It will help students to expand their learning experiences while developing a realistic awareness of the French culture.


Homework is a very important part of this course. It will be given on a daily basis and will help to reinforce and enrich the class work. Homework will be checked. Daily written homework will be accepted only on the date it is due.


1. Textbook & exercise book: Bien dit! 3
2. Binder 


Quizzes 40%

Participation - Homework - Classroom work 25%

Final 15%

Oral 10%

Projects 10%

Make-up Tests and Missed Assignments

It is your responsibility to make arrangements for make-up tests and missed assignments. Tests not made up on time will result in a “0”. The maximum time allowed is 3 school days for a one day excused absence and 5 days for a two or three day absence. Special arrangements can be made for cases of extended illness or other circumstances.

Bonne année scolaire!