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Le Grand Concours

To practice, go to this page: Practice for Le Grand Concours

Why should you participate in the National French Contest?

1.    You will have the opportunity to compete for national, state and local prizes.


2.    The test gives you the opportunity to compete with other French students throughout the U.S. who are in the same level of French as you are.


3.    The test is good practice for the A.P test and other standardized tests you may need to take for college.


4.    Students put their scores and national/state rank on their resumes.  Gunn students always do well on this test and many rank nationally. 


5.    Your score on this test can raise your grade, but not lower it.


What does the test include?


See the guidelines (attached below) for your level of French. , For example, French 2 students are at level 2.

The test includes approximately 60-80 multiple-choice questions:

listening and reading comprehension, grammar and culture. 


When is the test?


The test is given during the third week of March in the language lab. 

You take the test during your regular class period.  The exact date of the test will depend on your level and period of French. 


How much does the test cost?

Cost is $5.00*  


Sign up on the list provided by your French teacher. 

more info :


* The French Club will pay for any student who wants to take the test but cannot afford it. 

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