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GéoCulture - Dakar - Chap7-8

Use the GéoCulture worksheet (2 pages). If you didn't get it in class, download and print it from the attachments below. 

A) After or while watching the video, answer the questions 2 and 3 on the worksheet "activity master".

B) Then, in your textbook, read pages 228, 229, 230 and 231.
Answer the questions on your worksheet , page 2

C) Then, work on the research topic that was assigned to your group: 

1) Pierre Atépa Goudiaby : le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine, ou la Porte du Troisième Millénaire  -> Angèle, Mélanie, Aurélie

2) Le Festival de Kaay Fecc : what is it? pictures? videos? -> Janine, Marion et Julien

3) History of l’île de Gorée -> Monique, Clara, Alex

4) Griots : who are they? what are they roles? pictures? -> Emma, Michèle et Inès

5) Collé Ardo Sow :  biographie, défilé de mode (fashion shows).->  Juliette, Chloé, Laure et Simon

6) Aïssa Dione : biographie, design, textiles ->Marie, Léa, Quentin et Habib

7) Dakar has many large markets : marché Sandaga, marché kermel, marché Tilène, marché de Soumbédioune, marché Castors. Research at least three of them. Report on their sizes, locations, products or produce sold. ->  Isabelle, Sebastien, et Catherine

Research on the topic. Explain in French and show the results of your research. Prepare a google slides presentation with text (in French) images and/or links to videos you’ve found (4 or 5 slides max).

Share your google slides presentation with

This GéoCulture worksheets and the research project are due Thursday March 14.

Anne Dumontier,
Mar 5, 2013, 9:46 PM