French 2

Course Outline

French II will allow you to build upon the foundations that you have as a result of French One.  You will continue to develop your skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Over the year, you will be introduced to more vocabulary, grammatical constructs and verb tenses.  Though phonetics exercises, you will improve your pronunciation of French. You will also learn more about the culture of the francophone world through readings, music, videos, projects. This class will also teach you how to use various technology tools.

Assessments: There will be quizzes (interros) given approximately every 2 weeks based on the vocabulary, expressions, grammar from each chapter.  There will also be oral and written assignments ongoing and a project about once a month. Homework and online work are graded for completion.

Grades are weighted in the following way:

- Quizzes and assignments 45 %

- Homework and online work 25%

- Projects 15%

- Final 15%


Every day in class you will need to bring: 

- A red pen / a dry erase marker / other pens,

A binder with three separators : “Vocabulaire”, “Grammaire”, “autres Polycopiés”.

A single subject spiral notebook, and binder papers

Daily Assignments:

Homework is assigned every night to reinforce what we are learning in class. Throughout the chapter there will be additional assignments, which will be collected, graded, and returned within a day or two. Assignments are posted on the Schoology website.


I will follow the attendance policy for Gunn HS. Refer to your student handbook. 

Late Work/Make Up Work

When you are absent from French class you always miss something because we speak every day.  For this reason it is very important to check the Schoology calendar and assignments for the course.  Your missing assignments will appear as incomplete in Infinite Campus until you make them up.  Tests are normally made up during tutorial on Tuesdays. 


If you need extra help, I am available during tutorial on Tuesday, and after school by appointment. 


I prefer to be contacted via Email: